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This is a library and press release that introduces the secret story of the production of japlish, the conversation between the producers, and the travel books of the representative.


Media publication and broadcasting


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Featured in a free paper produced by the producer MIYA with a friend

It is placed in the hotel etc. which was published in the Fukuoka version of the Japan brand.


City Information Fukuoka November Issue
In the November issue of City Information Fukuoka, we posted about the atelier store.

City Information Fukuoka October Issue
In the October issue of City Information Fukuoka, it was published in a product-centric article.


The thing of the production

The production scene of the wallet
It was closely related to the production scenery of the popular accordion long wallet.

The conversation corner of the person who made it
It is a conversation between the representative OSA and the current independent MIYA.